Worth the Wait! An Introduction to Life Rhythms

I preordered the special deluxe CD/DVD album and got it in the mail the day it officially released – Today! After a long day running errands with Kim we popped the DVD in and listened as the artist, musicians and singers talked about the creative process and the recording sessions. The music sounded familiar and yet the songs are brand new from a legendary artist I’ve been listening to for most of my life. Seeing him “live in concert” is still one of my personal highlights and one I would repeat without hesitation. His last recording of original songs was released about 13 years ago and if it had been a vinyl record I would have worn out the grooves. To say he’s one of my favorites singer/songwriters would be a gross understatement and so let’s just say I ‘m sitting in my blue recliner – smiling – listening to every nuance of the guitar riffs, gorgeous background vocals and even a stunning cello underpinning in the beautiful, moving ballad.

• • •