Turning from Independence

Real change starts with one decision and it can have a enormous impact if it is personal. We are all one decision away from a better life. The life God intended is not dependent on things around me it it only requires me to TURN to him.

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The Missing Peace

Christmas is the season we focus on the one true answer that the restless world is looking for, PEACE. In many people’s lives peace is a missing commodity. Many wrongly believe it can be achieved in with the absence of conflict but the truth is that it only comes with the presence of God. Christmas is about Emmanuel “God With Us: He is our missing peace.

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How Do I Pray When I Feel Like Giving Up

Prayer is foundational to our relationship with God. the truth is that many of us are not confident in how to pray and we wonder if we are doing it the right way. This series answers real questions about prayer so we can grow in prayer and our relationship with God.

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